Legal Basis

The Criteria of Statehood, stated by the convention in Montevideo from 1933 are the following(article 1):

“The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications:

-a permament population

-sovereign government

-a defined territory

-capacity to enter into relations with the other states

The Convention was a regional international pact and was limited only to american countries, but it’s rules were recognized by the customary international law.This state is a forced organization;it has a monopoly for altering and executing the law.

The main territory of The Kingdom of Kabuto is placed in a temporary terra nullis known as Dixon Entrance and on water areas north to the  “A-B” line set by the arbitral tribunal in 1903. Both of the areas that no other country wanted the laws to approximately 72km2(~27.80 sq mi) and 1,4km2(0.54 sq mi).The naval territory was proclaimed by the monarch of Kabuto- Mieszko Makowski

Despite the fulfillment of the state criteria, the Kingdom of Kabuto remains a micronation, ie an entity not recognized by other countries, of course, activities are continuing to change it.
The Kingdom of Kabuto also has an enclave with limited sovereignty in private areas in Poland and an unregistered enclave in Croatia.
Outside the Kingdom of Kabuto, there are dozens of other micronations in the world.