Our micronation has two cryptocurrencies, the first of which is KabutoCoin distributed during crowdfunding and the second KabutoCash.

Both cryptocurrencies are erc20 tokens, they were created for internal exchange between persons sympathizing with the Kingdom of Kabuto. We hope that this tool will allow everyone to become a crypto-currency millionaire but, above all, to understand the world of economics. Our numerous activities could not lack space for education.

Address of the contract (KBC) KabutoCoin: 0x38A8b3d64212e01D285b78Ea99Dfb5B477E58CEC

Address of the contract (KC) KabutoCash: 0xFEB8c1fdC796858ad93f5D59BFD3FbAA6732c2cE


Remember about risk factors associated with cryptocurrencies!
Risk related to the lack of a guarantee. The funds maintained in
 Cryptocurrencies are not guaranteed by the Bank Guarantee Fund,
as they are not bank deposits.
The risk related to the lack of universal acceptability.
Cryptocurrencies are not universally accepted at commercial and service 
outlets. They are also not legal tender or currency. This means that
 economic operators are not obliged to accept payments in 
cryptocurrencies, even if they previously accepted them.
The risk associated with a large change in the value of market 
sentiment, despite the fact that our cryptocurrencies are not sold and 
given away or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, please consider.