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Advisory Board

75 km2


Kingdom of Kabuto

The Kingdom of Kabuto is one of several dozen world micronations, also called micro-states. It was established on the basis of the fulfilled criteria of international law and its territories are located next to Canada, but it also has enclaves with limited sovereignty in Poland and Croatia.

  • Official name

    Kingdom of Kabuto

  • Short name


  • Capital

    Quiet Depth

  • Motto

    Fortune Favors the Brave

  • Form of government

    Associated State

  • Monarch

    Mieszko Makowski

  • Official languages

    English, Polish

  • Number of citizens


Legal Basis

Kabuto Micro State is based on international law by fulfilling the criteria of statehood contained in the Montevideo Convention of 1933 and on the basis of a Roman law allowing areas to be occupied by no neighboring states.

The main territory of the microcosm of Kabuto is located on the former terra nullis located above the Dixon Entrance, in the waters north of the “A-B” line designated by the Arbitration Tribunal in 1903.

Both areas to which no other state claimed ownership are about 72 km2 and 1.4 km2. Water territory was occupied by proclamation and notarized.


Kabuto Coin is not only a cryptocurrency, the official means of payment in the Kingdom of Kabuto with which you can pay for services and goods from our citizens - from Medical consultations to Sport Center tickets.

Kabuto Coin primarily acts as a member share in the micronation, which allows the owners of the largest number of the cryptocurrency to sit on the advisory board and thereby guide the development of the micronation.

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